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Renrod Ltd:
Platinum Motor Group is a trading name of Renrod Limited. Registered Office, Renrod Ltd, 12 Meridian Motor Park, North Bradley, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 0BJ. Registered in England No. 1210595. VAT Registration No. 821 9379 14. Renrod Limited Trading as Platinum Motor Group is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activity. Registration No. 689306. Renrod Limited Trading as Platinum Motor Group is permitted to advise and arrange general insurance contracts as an appointed representative of AutoProtect (MBI) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration No. 312143.


Renrod Ltd is an appointed representative of ITC Compliance Ltd which is authorized and regulated by the FCA (their registration number is 313486) and which is permitted to advise on and arrange general insurance contracts.




The New Car Code of Practice sets out the standards that vehicle manufacturers comply with regarding;

• New car warranties
• Availability of replacement parts
• Advertising
• Complaint handling

The Code details promises given by vehicle manufacturers and contains guidance to assist the consumer.

As a subscriber to this Code we are fully committed to delivering and maintaining the highest levels of service to our customers.

Our approved dealers and repairers are committed to an open, transparent and fair way of doing business. They have subscribed to the Motor Industry’s Code of Practice for Service & Repair, and committed to:

• Honest and fair services
• Open and transparent pricing
• Completing work as agreed
• Invoices that match quoted prices
• Competent and conscientious staff
• A straightforward, swift complaints procedure

The Motor Codes Advisory and Conciliation Service will offer free impartial advice and when appropriate an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service that we are fully committed to in the event that your are not satisfied with the outcome of a dispute.


For further information you can visit their website at or call their Consumer Advice Line: 0800 6920825.


MOT Stations:

All under Bristol & Gloucester Area Office
Merebank Road, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 8AQ

Renault/Skoda Bath: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 81956

Toyota Bath: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 6722B0

Toyota Trowbridge: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 1ALZ50

Vauxhall Trow: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 1ALZ49

Renault/Dacia Trow: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 1ALZ51

Nissan Trow: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 1ALZ52

Nissan Box: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 80860

Vauxhall/Hyundai Frome: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 80861

Renault Chipp: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 77251

Platinum Saab: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 81309

Platinum Hyundai: Authorised Examiner No 14385
Testing Station No 81309



The Modern Slavery Act 2015* (MSA) places an obligation on UK businesses with a turnover greater than £36 million to produce a modern slavery statement. This statement therefore explains the steps we have taken during the financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of our supply chains or any part of our business.

The Platinum Group is an ethical employer and is committed to making steps to abolish slavery and human trafficking wherever it may exist, and are committed to making continual progress in this regard.

In terms of our business, the Platinum Group is committed to providing its employees with a rewarding, positive, open and fair working environment which is compliant with current legislation. It is focused around equal opportunities, with team members being recruited for their aptitude, skills, experience and ability. They have equal opportunities in their employment. Discrimination on grounds of race, gender, age, disability, marital status/civil partnership, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other unlawful reason is not permitted.

In the Platinum Group, we have extensive human resources based policies in place, which are available to all staff.  These policies are reviewed regularly to ensure we remain compliant with current legislation.  We offer training and development programs for all staff from the ground floor through to management. In terms of MSA specifically, we are developing a process whereby our management teams are made aware of the topic of modern slavery, and channels through which concerns can be raised and subsequently addressed if deemed necessary by Directors, Human Resources and senior Management. 

In terms of our suppliers, which are diverse, we do what is realistically possible for a company of our size in our supplier sourcing and procurement process.  We look to work with businesses that display a quality and ethical aspect to the goods and services they provide. Though we take this general view, it is ultimately our suppliers’ duty to ensure compliance with legislation, human rights and ethical codes of conduct. In addition we use our reasonable endeavours to conduct risk assessments of the third parties we work with and investigate, where feasible, the working conditions of their employees. 

The Platinum Group is thus committed to the abolishing modern slavery, human trafficking or similar activities that has any connection to our business and beyond. 

*The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA 2015) focuses specifically on the issue of modern slavery to ensure offenders are suitably reprimanded with severe sentences.  Modern slavery encompasses the offences of: ‘slavery’ where ownership is exercised over a person; ‘servitude’ which involves the obligation to provide service imposed by coercion; ‘forced or compulsory labour’ involves work or service exacted from any person under the menace of a penalty and for which the person has not offered themselves voluntarily; and ‘human trafficking’ concerns arranging or facilitating the travel of another with a view to exploiting them.




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